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Top 3 house plants for Good luck, Wealth and Positive energy in your space

Greenery within the indoor is not only purifies the air, and also add wealth, good luck and happiness. As per Feng shui and vastu is the tradition of designing your home space in a way that can harness and channel the energies of some elements to bring you lasting peace and prosperity. Inviting positive energy into your home is essential to improve your happiness, health and longevity. Commonly plants are used to decorate at home or workstations or garden. This article offers you an insight into some of the home friendly plants that can help you make an ecological balance and adding into positive energy and prosperity. 1. Lucky Bamboo Lucky-bamboo According to vastu and feng shui, Bamboo plant is a symbol of success and good fortune. The arrangement of the plant also indicates the peace, fortune, health, love and luck it attracts. It is ideal to place the plant in the east corner for health and south-east for wealth. Don’t place them in your bedroom because of the powerful yang energy of these plants. An indoor plant needs large amount of sunlight, away from direct sunlight. It’s pretty low maintenance The lucky bamboo brings harmony within the five key feng shui elements – Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal. Bamboo plant should be kept in a transparent container and add these five elements is by putting some pebbles (represents earth), some coins (metal), stem itself symbolises wood while the water in the container fulfils fourth element and fifth one is you can tie the plant with a red-coloured band which denotes the fire. Giving lucky bamboo as a gift, the number of stalks determines what sort of blessings being bestowed. Two stalks – bring Love and double your luck Three stalks – happiness, long-life and wealth Five stalks – good health Six stalks – give harmony and good luck Seven stalks – give the whole family good health. So, make sure you invest in the lucky bamboo plant in your home. 2. Money Plant (Golden Pothos) money-plant Money plant is one of the best feng shui plant because it produces positive energy flow that attracts good luck and wealth. This plant should be placed in front of sharp corner or angle to help reduce anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. Money plant shoot should be pointing upwards for well-being and prosperity. The position of this plant is south-east corner of your living room. Money plant is a effective for removing chemicals from the air. It cleanses the air and the energy in the environment. It is advisable o place one near TV, computer as it can soak up the harmful radiations from the electronic devices. It reduces anxiety and stress and makes it a pleasant environment at home. Be sure to keep the money plant indoor and never place it outside. 3. Jade Plant jade-plant According to Feng shui, you can welcome money into the home or workplace by placing the jade plant close to the entrance. If it’s not possible, it should be placed in the south-east corner of the house. Jade is a traditional gift giving to business people, housewarming and wedding gifts because, it is represent a very lucky as its presence attracts wealth and prosperity.

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